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I purchased good, quality leather furniture(Couch & Chair)The chair has box edge upholstery while the couch has tucks on the cushions(top and bottom) ,tucks on the arm,in fact, most everywhere.

The upholstery job on the chair is very good although there is some impressions left that seem to stay after sitting, but on the couch the upholstery is not good at all with uneven padding and the leather ripples on the backs cushions and seat cushions & the Mfg replace with better quality inserts twice, but its still ripples after sitting and does not come out.(?) As well the med-dark color has come of in several places after only a few months. My wife and I, both normal weight only use the couches(no children) What can the Mfg do to solve the problem, especially on the couch. The cushions ARE NOT REVERSIBLE. We paid a lot of money and the Mfg stated in their data the following. EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE STARTS OUT IN OUR FACTORY AND IS HAND CRAFTED BY LOCAL, CARING AND EXPERIENCED ARTISANS AS PERFECT AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. tHE LEATHER FURNITURE IS FOR PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT ENDURING COMFORT AND QUALITY. WE USE THE FINEST TOP GRAIN LEATHER, FINEST MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES TO EXACTING SPECIFICATIONS. KIN DRIED HARDWOOD DOUBLE DOWELED JOINTS AND CORNER BLOCKED, GLUED AND SCREWED,  What went wrong, what did they do wrong based on their statements???? Thanks for you time .  Bill S

There is really not enough information for me to advise you on this. I would have to know what kind of leather is in use ....  bicast, finished, semi-aniline, or pure aniline and if its cowhide or steerhide. Also the maker of the pieces and a link to their website. Photos of your pieces would be needed to make an evaluation as well.

All leather will 'puddle' but cowhide stretches more than steerhide and there are different grades of leather as well.  Grade A Steerhide is the best.

Leather cushions are never reversible as they require a vent panel for the air to escape from when they are sat on.  On fabric, the air comes through the weave, but leather is airtight and would blow the seams out if there were not the vent panel.  

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