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Hi Dave -

As some time, I plan to furnish a small 1 br cottage in the 'modern style.'  In looking at the IKEA website, I'm surprised at how inexpensive everything is.  Just wondering if the materials & build quality is markedly lower than what I would get at Crate & Barrel, Room & Co and other vendors (which are more expensive, I know).

Thank you.

If you believe in the Phrase,,,,you get what you pay for?   IKea is a great Homeowner friendly Construction type furnishing.   Most are in Knockdown form and you take it home to assemble.  It is pretty, functional,,,particle booard.   It has limitations.   Rental is not.  Easily damaged.  It is meant to be disposable.  Ready made furnishings are going to be a step up...not necessarily more than one step tho.

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