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Hi.  Can you please tell me about a large (about 8' x 12') Karistan Medallion Cathy rug (has a #727 on the label)?  It has lovely deep blues in the border as well as other colors and is in very good condition.  For some reason, when I search the internet for information on this rug, another #727 Karistan rug keeps coming up.  I would love to know what this rug would sell for in today's market, where it came from, when it was made, how to care for it and anything else you can tell me.  Thank you!

Hi Dorothy,

Your Karastan rug is a machine-made piece in a Chinese or Cathay design, most likely made sometime in the 1980s. Karastan is a large, reputable company that specializes in machine-made pieces, and they are predominatly made in North Carolina.  Karastan rugs are high-quality and very durable.  They are also quite pricey, and if you were looking to replace what you have, you would have to spend quite a bit.    

That being said however, in the rug industry, used machine-made pieces have little to no resale value.  The used furniture and consignment market would be a better place for resale of this item.  It is tough to give you an exact value, as styles have changed, but a good estimate would be that you could get a few hundred dollars for a good-condition Karastan in the size that you have.  

Care of this rug is pretty simple!  Just vacuum regularly (including flipping it over and vacuuming it on the back once a year or so), and have it professionally washed every 5-7 years.  Spot clean using a mild soap and a little cold water.

Hope the information is helpful!


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