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I would greatly appreciate your insight on Man Wah leather sofas. We saw a power reclining sofa at Macy's set but unsure about overall Man Wah leather quality and longevity. has very few reviews of this Nina set posted online. From what I can find online, some complaints about Man Wah are about fading color after a year or so and sagging cushions.



Hi Katherine and thanks for your question.

I've never sold leather furniture. Everything we carried (I retired a few years ago) was rosewood, teak, elm or a high-gloss lacquer like black or red. There were already plenty of others carrying conventional furniture.  We were the largest and oldest niche-market store to carry Asian-styled furniture directly from Asia, specifically from China.  

That being said, you are correct--if you look for reviews of The Nina online, you'll find very little, and I think I read the one you read with someone who said they couldn't believe the  leather faded.  (Leather can fade over time with heavy wear--ask anyone who has ever shined their shoes.)  Please also note that not every retailer uses the manufacturer's model name--in fact, it's quite possible that a Macy's buyer, purchasing agent or marketing person may have decided to call that sofa "Nina," because it's a lot easier to sell than "Model: U8626-L3-2E1015RSO" would be.  At IKEA stores, every product has a name.  I just looked on their website.  Two of their brown leather sofas are "Dagstorp" and "Karlstad."

I took out the name Nina and I did a search online for "manwah leather power sofa reviews," and I came up with this page:

R.C. Wiley is a retail furniture distributor based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They have retail stores throughout Utah, as well as in California, Nevada and Idaho.  I'd never heard of them before I did this search.  Notice, though, that the sofa is named "Cheers."  If you enter "Cheers Manwah 84" Brown Leather-Match Dual Reclining Power Sofa" for an online search, every return you get leads back to R.C. Wiley, leading me to believe that either they had the sofa custom made for them (not uncommon in China--I had things custom-made even for our single store), or that for their own marketing purposes, that's the name they gave the manufacturer's existing-model sofa.

So, because "Nina" isn't a reliable search term, I would look at reviews of the manufacturer's similar products overall.  Out of the few reviews the leather power sofa, most recently just over one month ago, it's received a 4.8 out of 5.  The only negative comment was that the color looks different in the sunlight, but it is difficult to show exact colors of furniture in a showroom--not just the lighting, but the walls, floors, and even accessories aren't the same.  Any furniture will look different when it's paired with red fishbowls (planters) on dark carpeting in a room with a dark accent wall as opposed to how it would look paired with black bowls on light carpet in a large family room with a 20-foot ceiling and tall windows.

Please feel free to ask any follow-up questions you may have.

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