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I am trying soon to move into a one bed room flat(down sizing) and want to know how to decorate on a shoe string(budget) I like the Asian influence and want to incorporate this in my decor.I have at the a dark 1940s table/chairs and side board a Victorian bed head other wise the rest like too start of from new, don't like really like modern furniture but like to incorporate new and old can you help.

Hi Angela and thanks foe selecting me.

Thanks to an interest in worldwide travel, I have a mix of styles in my own house.  I should note that within Asian decor, my area of expertise is China.  I've worked with dozens of interior decorators.  The key to integrating what you already have with Asian decor on a shoestring budget will come down to a few things:

-Colors:  If you can paint your flat, consider painting one wall in a room a dark accent color, such as "oxblood red" or cocoa brown.  Everything you put on that wall will stand out from that wall.  Which leads me into my next item:

-Art for walls:  If you have a source for them, Asian scrolls can be found very inexpensively.  We sold some as low as $19.99, or under 13 GBP / just over 13 EUR at this writing.  If you have someplace local, great.  If it's a local, independent store, ask the salesperson (likely the owner or in the family) if you can get a better price than what the item is marked.  Otherwise, you can find them online.  If you need a source, I can lead you to one.

-Accessories:  You can get great porcelain vases for very little money.  Sizes like 14 inches / 35.6 cm tall are good for tables and something like 36 inches / 91.4 cm tall is good for a floor.   (I've sold vases up to 72 inches / 182.9 cm tall.)  As far as color, I'm partial to solid oxblood red, celadon green or black, and gold leaf (less expensive than it sounds when on a vase) is great, too.  But there are plenty of great designs out there. You won't find solid pink or blue very much.  A fishbowl (planter) is another thing you might consider.  Getting a base (stand) for your vase or bowl will really show it off well and they're not expensive.  The great thing is that if you have a lamp or electrical store nearby, almost any vase and stand combo can be turned into a lamp and you may even spend less than you'd spend for an actual lamp.  Ask the electrical store before you buy you your vase.  Major retailers really caught on to carrying Asian decor in the mid-1990s, and there are some great bargains out there.  You might find great deals nearby.

Another accessory you should consider is throw-pillows for a couch/sofa or bed.  they're relatively inexpensive and there is no short supply of them.  If you're dealing with a vendor in China, you may wind up buying just the pillowcases for square pillows and putting the pillows in yourself.

Lastly, statues.  You can go with anything from simple jade or stone carvings all the way up to bone carvings that cost quite a bit.  That's another item that comes down to personal preference and budget.  Take a look around to see what's available to you. A stand/base for a statue is a great way to showcase it.  

I will add this:  TOO MUCH and it starts to look like you've overdone it.  A few accent pieces here and there will do wonders.

I hope I've been able to help you!  Please feel free to pass along any follow-up questions.

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