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The edges on my new folding table are sharp. By sharp, I mean, they pinch sort of when you put your hands over them to type on the keyboard. How can I cover the edges so that they are soft and don't pinch and leave lines on your hand?

Hi and thank you very much for your question.  A better suggestion than covering the edges:  a wrist rest.  Not only will you not mark your furniture by not sticking something to it, but depending on what type you get (there are ones in keyboard-length and ones for use with a mouse, as you'll see...there are even some which have two wrist pads on one larger pad), it can probably be easily taken with you if you're using a laptop.

Read this page from The US Department of Labor on wrist rests:

Go to Google and look for "wrist rest for typing."  There are all kinds.  The first one I see on the page is the Belkin F8E263-SLV WaveRest Series Gel Wrist Rest, and it costs less than $8.00 at Wal-Mart.  Look here at one an example of one for use with a mouse:


Please note that I do not endorse these products as I use neither of them; they are provided for your reference in order to illustrate the Answer to your Question.  Again, there are many, many kinds of wrist rests.  I think your best bet is to just go to a local retailer and actually try the things out to see which one best fits your needs.

Thank you very much for your Question and Thank You Very Much for choosing AllExperts!

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