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Belgium Rug
Belgium Rug  
22 years ago I purchased an oriental style carpet in Belgium while we were stationed in Germany - it is machine made but it fit out needs at the time - unfortunately our basement flooded last month and the carpet is ruined because all the colors ran together - I have to find a replacement for insurance purposes but have found nothing like it - I mostly would like to know the pattern - I already know it's wool and machine made but think the pattern is nice as I've stated earlier - thanks for your advice - sorry the picture is small

Hi Lana,

So sorry to hear about your basement flooding!  The color running doesn't appear to be that bad in your picture, so we could possibly fix that if you're nearby.  The pattern of this rug most closely resembles the Persian "Heriz" and "Ardebil" styles and the Eastern European "Kazak" style.  If you search these terms, you may find something with a similar feel that will match with your decor.  Finding them in the exact same colors might be a bit of a challenge, as popular colors have changed quite a bit in the last 22 years, but you will be able to find something with a predominant central medallion like the one you have.

Hope that information is helpful!



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