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Hi Duane

I read a response you gave another reader but wanted to ask again in case there is something I can do to reverse the damage.  I just bought a new guy chaddock old english table and 6 coordinating chairs.  I dusted the table with a damp bounty paper towel.  I managed to scratch the surface off the table all over (swirl marks every where when look at an angle). The thought crossed my mind before using the paper towel, and I thought, no it's not abrasive enough to scratch the surface.  Boy was I wrong.  If I apply a wax of some sort, will it fill in the scratches?  Any advice is appreciated, i am just sick over it.  I don't feel comfortable using steel wool on it.  I scratched the laquer, correct?  Thank you, Courtney

No worries!  All it takes is a little elbow grease, a dash of patience and a wee bit of courage.  Yes, you put some fine lines in the lacquer top with the paper towels, in the future use a high quality microfiber towel, the ones used in car detailing are perfect (not the ones from Costco and Wal Mart).

What I do at my store....

# 0000 Steel Wool, and some steel wool lubricant.  Apply the lube to the wool and rub gently and evenly WITH THE GRAIN.  Don't do it in a circular motion.  That's a super-fine cut when you do that, ever heard of a hand-rubbed finish on furniture?  That's how you get one. And I can guarantee you that they do this at the factory as well.  This will cut very gently and slowly (the lube makes it much more gentle than if its dry on the cut).  Go over the entire surface evenly and don't put undue pressure in any one area.

Once you are done, put a coat of furniture paste wax on the top and buff.  I guarantee you not only will the scratches disappear, but the finish will look BETTER than the day the table came home.

Good luck!
The Keeping Room
Alexandria, VA  

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