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Hello ~
I hope you can direct me.  I am looking for a small wall mount or recessed electric fireplace for a master bedroom.  No more than 30" wide or the type that is narrower but "taller" that can be recessed betweeen 2"X4" studs in a wall.  My first priority is that I want the flame to look as "real" as possible and the unit to be an attractive one. Hopefully, it could be recessed into the drywall of an interior 2"X4" framed wall without much of the unit sticking out from the wall.  Second priority is a decent quality heating system, but that's not as important to me as is the look of the fireplace when the "fire" is on. I would also like it to be something that could be wired in the wall by an electrician instead of just a unit that plugs in.  Online I've seen 'LED' lighting and other explanations of how the flame burns.  A number of the ones had poor reviews on the look of the fire.  Do you know of good quality brands that meet these requirements?  And if so, where can I find some information online?  Below is the web site of one I've found online but I don't know if the fire would be a "realistic" looking one on this model and it's so difficult to find a shop/store that has these units so they can be "seen" in action.  I live in the Twin cities area, Minnesota.
Thank you for any info you can offer me.

If you are looking for a "hardwired" effect fireplace, there are many on the market.  If you are serious about getting Heat from one, and it looking semi real, then you are talking about expensive code installations.  The portable units are not meant for sufficient ambient heat, they do provide a 8000 btu output, but its not efficient heat, but it will look good.   You have a challenge...seeking the combination of looking real, putting out real heat, not needing a coded installation for permits, and being able to build it in.  Galaxy makes a number of fireplaces and fire pits.   The Omish do advertise electric portables, and you may be able to combine manufacturing to get a custom fireplace to meet your needs.  If I had to make something like this, I might start with a gas insert and convert it to electric.  Add a light kit to replicate the flames.

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