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I live in (and own) a two level townhouse-style unit with a loft for the upstairs bedroom area that overlooks the downstairs and essentially, a wall of windows at the back with the huge patio door and the windows above it that nearly reach the height of the vaulted ceiling. Because my unit is not on the end, those windows are pretty much the only source of natural light that I have, the only other source being a skylight above the vanity area in my bathroom which is on the other end of the house, also upstairs. Due to the openness of the bedroom area, leaving the blinds open completely eliminates any privacy - in a community where having a "right to quiet enjoyment of an unobstructed view" is literally written into the bylaws, having a little privacy while inside my unit is important, but having a permanent solution like walling in the upstairs done is not just an expense I cannot afford, but I'd also end up with a bedroom more like a cave because of how dark it would be. So I thought about the possibility of folding screens, until I looked at the prices; I'm not the handiest person so I also went in search of items originally intended for other purposes that I could turn into screen frames since I can easily put fabric over them - but turned up nothing. Do any options exist for the less-than-skilled looking to make their own folding room divider/screens, or am I better off just putting aside a little money every month until I have enough to buy what I need (and the utterly astounding expense of having them shipped)? Using room dividers/screens would also pull together the overall decor - I've got a mix of traditional and Asian styles with all the furniture being dark woods that are mostly traditional in style, and the Asian look brought in with lighting, wall art, and decorative items; right now I feel like the whole thing is barely pulled together, and needs something currently missing to really achieve the desired results (though exactly what I need I can't quite put a finger on...).

Maybe a simple thought will help.  If you have a lumber yard near.  Get some 2x2's...8'long.  Consider...if you can cut...not necessarily perfect...but close..or have them cut...6'long..each.  That would give you. frames to start with.  any hardware store has corner braces.  build some 2'x6' frames.  As many as you might need.  Then get bifold hinges.  Put them together as you need.  3 or 4 connected will stand on their own.  If you get some clear plastic dropclothe.  it is slightly obscure..light and privacy.   $10 or so.  Make as many as you need.  paint them white, black..any color.  Do you see where I am going with this?

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