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I have an Iranian Sharla Naen rug - silk inlay with 1300 KPSI (I have a certificate of origin indicating that KPSI).  I purchased the rug in 2002.  It is in very good condition, no stains, tears, runs.  I've attached two photographs.  It is 5'x8'.  I'm looking for current market value.  Thanks in advance.

Hello Rachel,
Thank you for your email. Your rug is a "Chahar-la." That translates to 4-ply in Farsi, so that might make it easier for you should you discuss this piece with a Persian rug dealer (I was wracking my brain for a bit!). The retail value of this rug runs around $3500-4000. The pattern is not as popular today as it used to be, so finding a buyer usually takes some time, but if you were in the market for one now, this is what you'd expect to pay in a store. I hope this information is helpful.

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