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Can i use a good oriental in a large bathroom?

Hi Martha,
Thank you for your email. You can use Oriental rugs in bathrooms, but you do need to be careful. Is this a powder room or an actual bathroom with a shower? My only concern about an Oriental rug in a bathroom would be if it would be close to the tub and would regularly have water dripped on it or have wet feet stepped onto it. If this is the case, then you run the risk of dry rot with your rug. If you are able to email me a photo of your rug and tell me a little bit more about the bathroom, I can give you an idea if it is worth trying (jahannandsons1@gmail.com). (Full disclosure, I have an Oriental rug in my bathroom, so think it is a fabulous idea with the right rug and right bathroom.)

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I can answer questions and give advice on the purchasing of Oriental carpets and the care of said carpets. I am more than happy to view photos and give approximate appraisals (I cannot be completely accurate with just a photo) via email on carpets that you have or would like to buy. I can also help with decorating decisions where rugs are concerned, and because I do have a store, I can help find you something if you`re having trouble finding it yourself.


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