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reberrare wrote at 2008-06-17 05:13:44
I have had this problem before as I specifically work on vinyl and cladded wood windows in the Pacific Northwest. "Noisy" vinyl windows are almost always a "bead to glass" issue. ie- bead is "rubbing" against the glass IGU. I have found it mostly in windy conditions here on windows with outside glazing bead. The answer I found to be most permanent was to take the glazing bead out and add a "gasket" between the bead and glass. What I used was glazing tape. It solved the problem immediately. Thanks

crackle of snap crackle +pop wrote at 2009-09-05 04:11:10
You may want to try and grease your rails with parafin wax. This problem has happened to me year round. When the inside temperature far exceeds the outside (during winter) the same thing occurs. Vinyl windows rub against vinyl sahes + rails. Vinyl has a bit of a tacky surface and can stick to a like surface. The parafin wax should allow the two like surfaces to expand and contract without causing the sudden release of built-up pressure between them.

T wrote at 2013-08-01 03:45:25
Does anyone else have any suggestions for these noisy windows.  I also have very large window that crakle and pop so loud it can keep you awake at night.  It seems to always happen when the temperature changes outside.  This is driving me crazy, if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Ken wrote at 2013-12-31 20:26:14
Hi June and Rick,

I know I'm reviving a pretty old thread right now, but I came across this thread in researching essentially the same issue June has described.  My windows are Empire Pacific Windows.  They pop when the sun hits them as well as when the temps get above the mid 50's or below the mid 40's.  An additional point of interest is that they pop when I walk by them as well.  I am curious if it was ever determined what the cause of your popping was?  I've been working with Cascade Windows (who purchased Empre Pacific a few years back) to diagnose, and so far, the only possible diagnosis they seem to have is that the vinyl frame is rubbing against the vinyl trim, which is creating the noise.  They are currently testing this hypothesis by inserting some tape between the vinyl frame and trim to see if this fixes the issue.

Are you able to provide any further detail as to the outcome of your situation?


Ken Braverman

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