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Mike wrote at 2014-08-11 18:28:07
There is a trim channel you nail at the top and a f channel at the bottom it snaps into.

Modern vinyl wont warp bulge or ripple..

The problem is when you have a drop edge that will interfere with the upper trim channel.  The trim channel at top you push the top up into and it hides the nails in the trim channel.

You can nail underneath the trim edge but make sure it has room to move.  snap the bottom into the f channel.

it will work just like aluminum but never need painting.  You can blast it when it gets moldy.

don't forget when you put the gutters up to punch holes in the vinyl fascia or it will bind up!!!  that's a bit of a pain and you can "waterproof" that area also if you want just in case water gets in behind the gutter and through the holes in the fascia. Wrapping fascia is actually not a bad thing nowdays. I tend to make sure all wood is protected nowdays.  But most builders don't care since its not their house...

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