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nuface wrote at 2013-02-12 23:09:37
The "parent company" may have no liability for the glass pack problems you are facing. I am sorry you need to review the warranty to see if the glass packs are covered if the coverage is prorated. The installing company may help track down this company for you as long as you understand that their liability to the subject has long sense passed. You do have choices, if you have a local glass company they may be able to supply glass packs for the units but there are companies who do not want to involve themselves with this due to perceived liability during the install of the glass packs and there-after, there is risk there are so many different glazing and stop methods used by window companies over the years it is hard to find someone with enough experience in those methods still in the window business. The lack of experience could result in breakage, improper install etc... So some glass companies will make but not install some may not even make the glass pack for you so check around.

Now for more a realistic view point you should entertain replacing the window completely. Most will tell you what is occurring to your windows are a failed seal or broken seal this is how it is described in our industry. What is actually occurring is solar pumping, there is air in-between panes, the air contains moisture, in the glazing bead there is desiccant to remove moisture when its ability to remove moisture runs its course you slowly begin to see the signs of vapor cooling into water and staining or leaving residue on the glass. Newer technology in higher quality windows use better low E, higher quality Argon fills as well as better glazing etc…. So with the improvements there should be a longer period of performance before replacement. Why replace your windows now? Because the fact that you are replacing a part so important this early in your experience suggests there is a potential that the other important parts of the window are of equal quality and are going to be issues for you.  I have included some contact numbers for you to reach out too I have no idea if these are exactly who and what for you but they are potential help. Again give reputable high quality company with enough size and the proper business model to actually deliver on high quality for a good price.

I assume this is the dealer you used

Vinylast Inc is a company providing Windows. Vinylast Inc is located in Holt, MI 48842 on 1365 Cedar Street. Vinylast Inc telephone number is

(517) 694-1545.

The manufacture is Vinylast 1830 Swarthmore Avenue Lakewood, New Jersey  08701  732.367.7200  

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