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QUESTION: My deck was replaced using the original framing with Azek boards, but I did have him lower it about 5 inches or so and install copper flashing, which it never had. Before it was flush with the sliding glass doors (same height as if the previous owner was in a wheel chair, but wasn't).

I noticed now that the deck is almost flush (up against the house on the left) but slowly increases its gap to about 2 inches plus on the far right, attached now at a slight angle. Leaves are collecting in the gap. I am having my vinyl siding guy come back to reinstall the shingle style vinyl siding for the two or three rows that must be replaced beneath/above the deck. It only needs one or a half row above the deck. Is there a way I can have the vinyl siding guy build out the siding so it properly sits flush with the deck so no dirt, leaves, etc. get trapped in the copper flashing gap? Or so it looks clean and doesn't show the gap? I don't want a piece of Azek board attached as ending in a full board just looks better than a piece to hide the gap. So I don't want that done. Any ideas?

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ANSWER: Axel- Who ever lowered the deck should have addressed this I believe. However, the siding should not be used to build out to cover the gap. I feel this may create more problems. Does Azek come in larger widths? If so you could custom cut the last board. You do want some gap at copper flashing as to allow water to move. Again the layout of the decking was not done as well as it could have been. The way it ends up at the house should be of primary concern and there are lots of ways to go about this. Please feel free to contact me for any reason.

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Azek doesn't come in wider lengths. The proposed solution is to use an Azek trim board under the sliding glass doors coming off the kitchen and dining room (the entire length I should say, of the wall where the copper flashing is by using a very adhesive caulk or whatever it's called). Also, cutting an Azek deck board to slide into the copper flashing gap where it was 2 inches on one end and almost flush to the house on the other, so I imagine the board would be cut to a very thin slice on one end. :( I guess since the boards on the deck are all screwed in now, one wouldn't be able to "redo" the way its attached to the house without completing ripping all the boards off and starting over, right?
Should I make an argument for not being charged additional labor for leaving us with this mess?
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Sorry for the delay- As suspected. Yes make the argument for not being charged. It is beyond me how some contractors are Ok with sub-par work with something as simple as a deck. Trim is always a solution and should; when finished, look intended.

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