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Hi Glen,

I have a question about a fireplace wood burning insert that I hope you can answer. I bought a home that has a fireplace that is hooked up to a propane tank. There are faux logs in the fireplace, but I'm not a fan of fake fires. I'm writing to ask how I can determine if this fireplace would be suitable for burning actual wood.

There is a flue in the top of the firebox chamber, it appears to be in perfect working condition. On my roof, there is a spark arrestor, and from what I can tell, the chimney is in fine condition. What I would like to do is remove the propane line, capping it off at the source. I'd then like to remove the fake logs, and burn wood - but I feel like I need a second opinion about the suitability of my firebox for handling real wood.

So - can you possibly tell me what I should be looking for? From everything I'm seeing, it looks like it's possible, but maybe I'm forgetting something crucial. If my existing liner can handle a propane fueled fire, shouldn't it be able to handle a real wood burning one?

Any help or thoughts you might be able to share would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance,


Jamie- Sorry for the delay.....Holidays... Ok so I would have a professional chimney cleaner come out and clean and inspect the inside of your chimney. They look for cracks in the lining with special equipt. My feeling is that you should be ok.
Please feel free to contact me for any reason.

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