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We live in the Midwest bought a 60 year old home few years ago which already had a nicely finished basement. We recently noticed that they used fiberglass insulation which appears to be a big no-no from what I've read. From what we can tell, they painted the concrete with drylok, then left an inch or half-inch air space between the concrete and the studs and installed fiberglass insulation in the stud space (paper facing the drywall).
Also, we have a sump pump and an interior drain tile system.

We run a dehumidifier down there in the warm humid months. We haven't noticed any smells or moisture problems so far, but I'm freaked out that our wall space is being ravaged by mold and we're going to have major problems in a few years.
So I'm just wondering how big a problem this really is although I'm pretty sure we can't afford to rip it all down and start from scratch!

I'd appreciate any input you can provide. There seems to be a lot of differing opinions out there.

Paranoid, first-time homeowner

Lauren- First-calm down......Lol. Truthfully you are very lucky. Most do not treat walls with drylock. This wonderful product is a must do step when finishing below grade rooms. Most skip it. As long as there are no major cracks in the foundation and exterior drainage ok, you should enjoy a dry-mold free living space. The air gap between insulation and concrete is there for good reason. It allows for any moisture/condensation to have a chance to dry. Another must do; leaving the air gap. Enjoy your home!
Please feel free to contact me for any reason.

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