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Looking to add more blown in insulation in my old 2 story house.  The attic seems pretty simple.  The wall have been done before, but seem kind of sketchy in spots.  I was able to look up in the ceiling between the first and second floors and it seem some insulation was filling the ceiling of the first floor or the floor of the second floor.  Is there some sort of rim joist there?  If so how do I get around this if I try to add more insulation to my walls?
Also what is the best way to fill old window cavities after the windows have already been replaced?  Thanks

Landon- It is probably a rim joist or solid blocking. So to get more insulation into the walls you may need to open up some walls and then patch.
Depending on how big the remaining space is at the new windows you can use the spray cans of insulation. Works very well. If the space is big than you will need to take pieces of bat insulation and work them into the space. Make sure you don't over stuff these spaces.
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