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So, I have a question I'm hoping you can help answer for me. Well, two.

   Anyway, I have a 46 gallon aquarium, on a wooden stand on the floor of my 2nd story apartment. The building itself was built back in 1984. The tank has been sitting fine for the last 5 years now, but, ever since I put it up, the water seems to be about 1/8th if an inch higher in the front of the tank (it's always been this way though, since I put the tank up). Before putting water in the tank, I made sure the tank sat clean without any kind of wobble. I've been told the tank is ok and there shouldn't be any kind of stress on the stand that it isn't made for, but I just want to make sure the tank is ok where it is. It sits on a corner, the wall behind it is the other side of my neighbors and I'm sure that corner is load bearing. When you walk past the tank, it does however, shake ever so slightly, but not much at all. The tank is 36" wide and 17" front to back. At this point, I want to apologize for such a long essay, lol, but I just want a professionals opinion (assuming you are one, :-D).

NOW, for my other question; I want to put a 55 gallon tank in my bedroom (keeping in mind, the wall that will be behind it is a neighbor, but I've been told it's not necessarily a load bearing wall) and it is going to have a 20 gallon tank/sump under it, but that one will only be 1/2 full. I'm looking at a combined weight of around 750lbs, including the water, stand, decor, etc etc. The 55 gallon is 48" long, so I assume it's going to sit across 3 floor beams (just wish I knew exactly where they are; do floor beams run the same as the ceiling beams? If so, I know where the ceiling beams are via the indentations of the nails in the ceiling....). Now my question, will my bedroom floor safely support this tank/stand? I'm being paranoid as all hell, but, I figured, better safe than sorry. Thank you SOO much in advance!"

Hello Rich,

In order for me to answer this question(s) I need more information.  Please provide me the following:
1. Size of floor joists
2. Spacing of floor joists
3. Size of the room with the location of floor joists  and placement of proposed tanks

As soon as I get that information I will be able to better answer  your question.

Environmental Engineer
General Contractor

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