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Hi again.  Since your last answer didn't offer me a follow-up option, I'm starting a new question but on the same topic because I want to make sure I understand what you told me.

You said that the contractor ordered the right concrete but didn't give it the right treatment to expose the aggregate within the concrete.  So are you saying that concrete is concrete and there is only one type of concrete?  Are you saying that all concrete has the same aggregate (pebbles) within it?

Because our existing concrete has a beige tone overall with the tiny black pebbles exposed.  The new concrete is a gray tone with NO pebbles showing (it looks like plain sidewalk-type concrete).

Are you saying that the new concrete he laid could have been somehow "treated" to give it a beige tone AND expose black pebbles?

I'm wondering because we have a tiny concrete section at the side of our house which we recently had put in and it IS a beige tone like the old, but the pebbles in it are more tan and brown instead of black like the old.

Does the contractor lay down the appropriate pebbles on the top layer in wet concrete and then smooth it down?  Sorry for all the questions, but I'm trying to understand the process before I approach the contractor and request the job be re-done.

If you could please respond quickly, I would really appreciate it as I am hoping to call him on Saturday.  Thank you.

You can order concrete with different aggregates in it. Also you can express aggregates after it is poured. Then after it is poured and troweled, you spray a solution on it and wash it down to expose aggregate. The beige tone can come in the mix as well. Sorry for the delay but I was at a wedding all weekend.

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