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i want to take out a wall that is in my kitchen. the kitchen is in the corner of the house and has walls on 4 sides one has a pocket door and is the one i want to get rid of. 1 story house was built in 1979. it has vaulted ceilings with the trusses running parallel with the wall i want to take out. i have a 4' crawlspace that i went to look under the wall and it seems i dont have floor joists? i have concrete footings attached with i think 4x6 "bearers" spaced about 4' apart running the length of the house now usually there would be floor joists running perpendicular with these "bearers" but i have 2x6 t&g laying on top of them instead. i then have 3/4" subfloor on that. so when determining what carries the load, do i assume the t&g is basically carrying the load of the walls? i attached 2 pictures and are both from the same looking point.


Your pictures are not oriented in the same direction. One shoots the length (?) of the house and the other shoots at the corner the kitchen is in.

The short answer is I can not give you structural advise without a site visit.

The long answer is you need to provide better pictures, and maybe a plan showing the first floor walls and the crawl space beams, to help me understand what you have and I may be able to direct you into answering your question for yourself.  

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