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washer box
washer box  
Hello Paul,

I was doing some repairs, and disconnected the washer intake and drain hoses from the box on the wall (see pic). I noticed the faucets had a little drip, very minimal, which had been unnoticed while the hoses were connected b/c it'd probably dry inside the hoses or something.

I thought the drip was harmless b/c the box has a drain pipe and the lower edge is high. Actually the dripping was sliding down the faucet's "body". But was I wrong!? As the walls were to be painted, I left the washer unhooked for a few days, and when I came back, there was water (not much) coming from inside the wall and into the floor of the A/C closet (which shares the wall with the washer box). I think the holes for the faucets and the drain pipe in the box are NOT sealed. Is this the way these boxes are supposed to be installed?

IMHO a better installation would be if those holes were sealed around the faucets and the drain pipe. This was a drip, but it could have been worse. When I see plastic and that the drain is connected I expect it to be water safe. What are your thoughts about this? If they better be sealed--as I suppose--how can I seal them?



Hi Luca: I would recommend changing the hot and cold water setup to the new design made for a washer machine, The system you have now is old and will continue to give you problems.
  This will require a plumber. I would get a few prices,first, the wall will need to be opened in the area in order to get to the plumbing. You can inspect inside the wall for any damage.
  Thank you for asking my opinion. Let me know how you make out.



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