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My house is a bilevel. The living room is separated from the inside entrance stairs by a railing with 12 spindles. Over time the top has bowed upwards and the railings have fallen off-they were not glued or screwed. As a temp fix I screwed the spindles in, with the warp still visible on the top rail, most prominant in the middle. Now I want to do a better repair. I though of gluing and using some small wooden spacers between the middle spindles and the railing where there is the most space between them, but now I think I will re screw. My idea is to drill out the screwhole in the spindles, top and bottom, first. Then, screw them all to the floor. Then, starting at the middle, and bit by bit, screw them into the rail, hoping the rail straightens out. THen fill in the holes. Does this sound OK?

Hi Bud,

Based on your description your proposed solution seems viable, but the information your provided is insufficient for me to make sound recommendations.  If you could send a photo or two perhaps I could suggest a better course of action.  You can email me directly at:  ask@woodshms.com

If you are unable to send photos, describe the size and shape of the top and or bottom rails, the shape or type of spindles and how they are attached at each end.

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