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The front of my house is finished in bricks half way up from ground level, and vinyl siding to the roof. The top of the bricks, where they met the siding, had a strip of flashing. It became warped so I removed it. Part of it was tucked under the siding, I cut off what coverd the bricks.
Now I need something to replace it as the ezposed tops of the bricks, with holes, are visible.
I dont want to use flashing again. Should I get one piece of siding to cover it? Would I glue it or screw it into the bricks. What about a piece of wood painted white like the siding? Or maybe some type of cement type topping over the bricks?
Hope you understand, thanks for your thoughts!

Hey Bud- You can use anything to cover the bricks that will not allow water into them. However I would flash it first and then cover the flashing. The part that tucks under the siding is very important- esp. where you live. Hopefully you have not removed all of it as you can just go right over it. To maybe save you having to paint it every 3 years you might try and find a composite wood that will look good with the siding.
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