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We don't know how the sliding work outside our house during the Winter. When they drill on the wall, it makes our inside wall decoration fell down one after one. It's cold outside. They work for an hour and come back next day. How can it be. Please help.

Sounds like you're having some work done to your home and it isn't going to your liking.  

When you say "sliding" - are you referring to the outside "siding"?

If so, it is not totally surprising to hear that as they work on the exterior walls, your interior wall decorations are being effected.  In order to properly secure siding to the exterior of the home, there is a fair amount of nailing that needs to be done.  This can cause vibrations through the wall that end up disturbing interior finishes and decorations.

It is completely normal - but I can understand how it must be frustrating.  I'd recommend taking down your decorations on walls you know they are currently working on (Exterior walls only).

I hope that helps - and that you have a happy holiday and safe new year!

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