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House is three yrs old we notice the first winter that the wood on top of the foundation was sweating bad behind the insulation just the outer wood sub floor not the concrete walls. We were told it would stop by the builder. The basement is now mostly finished and has a drop ceiling . Today we had Internet company come to hook us up and I took out a ceiling tile so he could drill thru the siding into the wood thru to the basement to run the wire . The unbacked insulation was dripping with water and the wood was all wet. I took tiles out all they way around basement and it wet everywhere except for two walls which lead to the garage and they are not exposed to the outside they are completely dry. I already had one dehumidifier going and went and bought another and have several fans going to dry it out. How do I get this to stop is the basement sealed to good and need vents? It is not behind the drywall just up high

John- Sorry for the delay. This is a particular problem that does not seem likely for a 3 yr. old home and will lead to more serious problems if we don't solve the riddle.... If the basement is a conditioned space, and built correctly, there should be no need for dehumidifiers at all. What I would need to further help is some photos of the areas and/or a diagram of how it was put together.
Please contact me as soon as you can.

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