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A few years ago my wife and I built a home with an ICF foundation.  Our concrete guy was building his house at the same time, so we were able to see what ICF was all about.  Since we had a bigger front porch (6' wide x 24' long), he suggested opening that up so we could use that as storage in the basement.  The room under our porch is only 4' wide x ' 22 feet long, but as I was going to finish it, I noticed 2 small spots that looked like it got water damage at some point.  From what I can tell, I'm assuming it came from the expansion joint when we might have had a heavy rain that comes in sideways, or it might have built up in the j channel (bottom piece) of siding and leaked down.  I'll have to re-paint my porch this spring anyway, but if I were to take off the bottom piece of siding along the porch, what would you recommend to seal that up with.  I'd need something that would bond to the concrete as well as wood where the two meet.  I'll have to take care of this before I finish the room under the porch.  Also, should I seal the expansion joints as well?  Thanks for your time.

With out knowing more about were your water is coming from this may or may not be the answer.  For years we have sealed the walls to the floor when meeting Healthcode for food processing areas.  After doing a good preparation job on the floors our grout is used to create a thumb cove in the grout were the wall meets the floor.  We then tape up the wall 4 to 6 inches and coat the wall, grout and floor with epoxy.  In food processing we use our thick 100% solid epoxy but you may be able to get away with a 50% epoxy coating.  Two coats will be needed in either case.  This will seal the wall to the floor as long as the two are secure and do not move.  For a free cost analysis and step by step instructions go to www.concrete-floor-coatings.com

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