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Hello Brian,

I have a house about 5 years old with an icf foundation.  My wife and I mistakenly went with a owner involved building program which allowed us to get the GC.  I have limited experience with drywall, but did manage to do it myself in the basement, hanging anyway.  It attached directly to the foam with clips inside the foam.  Just after our house was completed and before we could install an egress window, we had a ton of rain which flooded our basement.  It has since been cleaned up, but now that I want to start to finish the basement, I noticed there is some black mold on the bottom of some of the drywall.  I took off several pieces and cut about 1.5 - 2 feet off the bottom where the damage was and re-hung the drywall.  Can you give me suggestions for creating a tapered edge for drywall tape to seam the original with what I will be hanging?  I'd rather not tear down everything and start over with new.  Also, could you recommend a few reasonably priced texturizing guns.  We have egg shell texture upstairs and would like to duplicate that in the basement.  Are there any combo units that would texturize and prime and paint?  Any help would be appreciated.

Unfortunately , when you get black mold on drywall , you need to tear it all out becaude the spores get in behind and become inpregnated in the gypsem board . Look online for the severity of black mold . It is very dangerous ( the most dangerous of all the molds ) Good luck , have a great weekend ! Brian

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