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Hi. When it rains, we notice a nice-sized, clear puddle on the floor by one of the walls in our basement. The ground outside is about 5 ft above the basement floor. The concrete wall just above the puddle isn't wet, and neither is the ceiling, so its coming in through a floor crack. I tried to caulk it, but it didn't help. Outdoors in that area, I don't see any cracks, at least obvious ones. When I lifted up the ceiling tile and looked over and down below (in between the inside and outside wall, all I saw was another large board below in that middle space.
Anything we can do?

Hmm-sounds like there are no footing drains on this foundation. Did you have the home built or was it a spec home? The only way to get to the problem is dig it up and put proper drainage in. In Oregon the builders are on the hook for 10 yrs. for workmanship liability. If there are no drains at the footing and/or the basement foundation was not properly waterproofed-the burden should fall on the builder.

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