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The house that I'm currently in has an unfinished attic and I'm looking to make a living space out of it (bedroom, bath, maybe another small room), but I am at a lose where to begin.  Do I just go and get estimates from Contractors, or do I need to something like consult an architect to get a plan and then proceed to get estimates... or???  I'd appreciate any advice you can give.



ANSWER: Tom- The best advise I can give is get a plan done of what you are thinking. As well get an engineer involved because the engineering requirements can have an impact on the contractor's bids. Get three bids from different contractor's. The plan and engineering should cost no more than $3k on average; unless there are factors that would contribute to being a difficult plan to work out.
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QUESTION: Thanks Glen... I have a few more questions...

Who would be the person that does the plan (an architect?), and how would I go about finding the correct person/company?

As for the Engineer, would their tittle be something like a Structural Engineer? Would they be involved in the project from start to finish, or just to the point that the selected Contractor starts work? And again, any advice on finding the appropriate person/company?

Is there one type of person/company that does all of the above, or is it best to keep them independent?

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Some contractors offer design services. We do and it saves the client 20% on design and engineering. Look for one of these. But shop around a bit. Typically a design type person will have an engineer they work with. The structural engineer will only be involved at the beginning to get the plans done and his work will be submitted to get a building permit. Where in New Jersey are you. I have done alot of work in NY and may be able to send you some names.....


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