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I have a problem with woodpeckers making holes in my T1-11 siding.  I now have 2 holes in my chimney surround that are about 24 feet off the ground, so that makes the repair much more interesting.  The holes are about 2 feet apart and each is 3-4 inches in diameter.  What would be the best way to repair the damage quickly, but properly? I will have to rent an extension ladder to do the repairs. Thanks.


Woodpeckers can sometimes be an ongoing problem depending on why they are damaging your home. It may be trying to make a nest or it may be looking for food.  Woodpeckers will peck a few times at random places but if they are persistent enough to make holes there is a reason. If the underlying cause is not addressed they will likely continue to cause damage.  

An easy way to repair the holes you described is with auto body filler such as bondo, which is available at automotive parts stores.  A better, albeit slightly more expensive, version is sold at many home improvement stores specifically for wood repairs.   The home improvement version (http://bondo.com/bondo-wood-filler-20082.html) is thicker and does not sag out of the repair as the automotive version tends to do if applied too thickly.

You can find detailed instructions on how to affect a repair using this method at the following link.

For some insight on why woodpeckers may be damaging your home go to this link.

For an effective way to discourage woodpeckers from damaging your home see this link.

I hope this helps you with your home repair problems.

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