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We have an unfinished part of our basement where our washer/dryer is.  Basically concrete floor and cinder block wall (foundation).  We had a very reputable basement company recently give us a proposal:  vinyl interlocking floor if and a thin vinyl wall covering to "pretty up" the area for the "better half's" benefit.  The wall covering would basically be tacked on to the block; nothing structural. They would install wall covering and floor tiles on the floor around the furnace and hot water heater. House is 60 years old, no foundation issues.   Upon sleeping on it, we had questions on the fire rating and whether it was safe to be putting this material up, especially around the furnace.  Company says that it is perfectly safe and fire rated.  Again: reputable company.  I'm inclined to just paint the walls with dry-lock and call it a day; but the proposal would definitely enhance things for the spouse.  Any thought?  Thanks!

Peter-Well the saying is..."Happy wife, happy life...."-However I would dry-loc paint first and then put up the vinyl. I think it should be code to do so.....Where in CT? I started my career there.....Make sure you see the specs on fire rating. Just so you know the furnace-if relatively modern, has a very low chance of igniting anything around it......
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