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Recently I had mortar removed on the back of my brick home over the lentils of my vinyl windows. I thought I was paying the contractor to remove old mortar and replace with new mortar instead he put white caulk all above my windows. He told me it was far better and would last longer. Should I have all the caulking in the joints removed and replaced with mortar. I was having terrible leaks when it rained heavy all around windows, and found out windows were ok it was the cement failing. He did remove all, I mean all mortar from joints before he caulked. What should I do?


Without seeing the actual install,I would have to agree with your contractor on the Caulking around the vinyl windows. Vinyl is product that expands and contracts as it gets colder and warmer. The caulking unlike the mortar has a more pliable characteristic design. Allow it to be more flexible and not crack. I would recommend a 50 silicone caulk unless it has to be painted. Silicone caulk now comes in a large variety of colors. I hope this helps you out.
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