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Soap Dish
Soap Dish  
QUESTION: Hi, if you look at the picture attached, the edges of the soap dish has this rough edge to it. How do you smooth it out? Do I use sandpaper? thanks

ANSWER: Jackie, I Am Very Sorry For The Delay, I Have Been Ill For A Few Weeks.  Your Other Question Did Not Have A Picture, So I Rejected It.  OK, I Can't Really Tell If Your Shower Is FIBERGLASS Or CERAMIC, Or CULTURED MARBLE. Regardless, Do Not Use Sandpaper.  If It Is A Fiberglass Shower Unit It Will Damage The Finish.  Now I Personally Have Never Seen Anything Like This, Unless It Was Like A Type Of SOAP Build Up In That Area, Which Becomes Harder and Harder As It Builds Up.  You Might Consider A Very Strong Cleaner and Use It Several Times.  Use Something Like A "MR. CLEAN" Pad or A Heavy Sponge That You Would Wash Baked On Stuff From You Dishes With.  You May Try That Several Times To See If There Is A Result, Before Trying Other More Drastic Measures.  Let Me Know If This Doesn't Work, But I Will Need To Know The Type Of Material Your Shower Is Made Of To Help Further.  Thanx For Asking, and Sorry For The Delay, Kevin

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QUESTION: It is actually acrylic. I tried using baking soda/vinegar mix paste and it didnt really work. What I think it is that the layer is worn off. If that is the case, how do I fix it? A buffer?

If It Is ACRYLIC, Then That Usually Means It Is A Fiberglass Tub, With An ACRYLIC Finish.  You Should Call A Professional To Come In And Look At It.  In Most Cases They Can REFINISH That Area, Especially Since It Is Not The Bottom Of The Tub.  I Have Seen TUBS Get The Bottoms Cracked During NEW Construction, Because Someone Accidentally Dropped A Hammer or Board In It.  They Are Repairable By A Professional.  Try Call You Local PLUMBING Supply Store (Not Lowes Or Home Depot) A Place That Sell Plumbing Supplies, They Should Know Of Someone That Repairs Fiberglass Tubs.  I Hope This Helps, Kevin

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