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QUESTION: Hello, We are building a new house and we have put the bathroom and living room tiles a year ago. Somehow we have noticed that the expansion joints in some big areas like the whole living room and some areas in bath, were two coloured and its not pretty at all!!. The man that sold us the joints told us the the builders must have mixed the joints(light and dark) and thats why the result. Is there a liquid that can be put without destroying the tiles and bring the joints to the light colour like bleach?
I appleciate your help we are in a desperate situation!
Thank youin advance!

ANSWER: Nicoleta- Sorry to hear. The floor can be treated with a muriatic acid mix (harmless when diluted) and than grout all the joints with almost whatever colour you like. Make sure the grout mix is a bit on the watery side. there is also some epoxy grouts that can also be put over grout. Are you doing the work yourself?
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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer and help!Do you know in which sort of shops or can i get this online since I live overseas? My contractor will do this under my supervision this time!  Thank once again ! !

Muriatic acid should be available at any place they sell lumber/hardware. As would be the grout. Do not let your contractor tell you it can not be done. I've done it dozens of times. Have him mix a 20% Acid/80% water solution to mop onto the floor. 2-3 min. and then mop it up. Then re-mop whole area with just water. Allow to dry for 12 hrs. Good luck!

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