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hi..need to ask something. this house was built in 1974 so needs some upgrades. there is a 2 car garage, and above that is an attic which is not insulated. in winter the cold air comes down and into the house. i am planning to hire someone to come over and put foam insulation in the attic. so, should they only foam the floor in the attic, or should they foam the floor and roof deck also? thank you!


I need to know how the garage is attached to the house.  For example, is it attached at the gable end or does it have an intersecting roof line to the house roof line?  How and where is the cold air coming in?  Pictures would help a lot.

I can picture several possible connections, but I can't see how insulating the garage ceiling and/or roof would solve cold air infiltration into the house, unless when the house was originally built a serious flaw was built into it.

Send me an email with pics and give me your phone # so if I need further info I can call you to get what I need.  In the meantime my first recommendation is to not hire anyone to insulate anything.  I would assume any legitimate insulation contractor would inspect your situation and tell you where and what needs to be done, but you know what assume means!

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