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Our single story house just got a new roof - Certainteed shingles part of the house -  and IB roofing system  (garage and kitchen).  Throughout the process there has been a heavy glue smell in the house.  Is it normal?  We aired it out, thought it was gone, turned on our central air system and the glue smell is back REALLY STRONG. What happened?  What do we do?  Is it toxic?  

Also, IB system on flat roof (looks like PVC) has some bubbles.  Can this affect the longevity of this roof system?   

Thanks,  Gabriel

Gabe ,

I did some research on the IB product. The membrane installations i have completed and have seen completed do not have bubble nor do i think they should. I do not want to be a worry wart but looking into the adhesive it is a dangerous product. The material safety data can be found here


If you have a roof mounted ac when the unit kicks on it might be blowing the fumes downward until the glue fully adheres which may not be a safe thing especially with young children in the house. I would keep the windows open and wait a few day to use the AC if you can do that. Give the adhesive a little longer to set up. They the contractor has ran the materials up the side of your unit this is probably what is happening. Typically the unit is raised a little off the roof but i am not familiar with your install.You may want to call IB on this situation ad get their rep out there to confirm the product was installed correctly. The product is a great product and has a lifetime warranty on it.

The best to you

Craig Stevens
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