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Our garage is sided with T1-11.  Can vinyl siding be put directly over the T1-11 or what steps would need to be taken?
I appreciate any advice.

Thank you.

Hello Joanne,

T-111 siding is a fine substrate to install vinyl siding over provided it is structurally sound and the manufacturers recommendations are followed.

Vinyl siding should not be applied directly over wood siding.  The recommended method is to wrap structure with a moisture resistant house wrap such as tyvek or similar product. Roofing felt may be used but it is not my preference. This is required by code in many areas now.

An excellent source for information on installing vinyl siding may be found at Napco vinyl siding installation guide.  Click on the words installation manual located near the bottom of the page.  (Page sixteen paragraph one of the downloaded manual deals with the house wrap issue.

If you found my response helpful you can find additional information on many maintenance and repair topics at Wood's Home Maintenance Service Blog  Please feel free to leave a comment on any page or post.

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