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Type of damage  

hill slopes to kitchen
hill slopes to kitchen  
Please let me know your opinion of the type of damage to my floor that is sagging.  I have attached a picture for your review.  The floor is fully falling in in certain areas. I suspect it is water damage, but there has been carpenter ants that have been exterminated recently. I value and need your opinion since I can't fix the floor unless I fix the reason for the damage.

thank you

Hi Mary,
It sure looks like water damage to me but it's next to impossible to diagnose a problem from one picture. I think you should have a contractor some out and take a look at it.  If you are getting an estimate for repairs it won't cost you anything and I would be much more comfortable with a reputable professional examining the situation "in person."  This is too big of a deal to try and do it over the internet.
Good luck and let me know if I can help in any other way.

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