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Above our windows on the outside of our house are large wooden triangles.  We don't have the money to do siding right now and have painted/replaced wood but I hate it.  Is there something else - design wise we could do to make this look nicer.  I am a Tuscan decorator/old world design is my favorite.  HELP!!!  Any ideas appreciated.  Thanks!

millwork image 1
millwork image 1  

Millwork image 2
Millwork image 2  
Hi Sandy,

This is a little out of my area of expertise.  The only thing that comes to mind and keeps the budget in check is creating a pattern on the triangle area.  This could be achieved by using applique or onlays such as may be found at this link:http://www.architecturaldepot.com/onlays-imported-wood.html  or by buying or building a pattern using stock moldings from a lumber supplier like Lowes or Home Depot.(see attached Images for some ideas.)

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