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I have re-grouted my tiled bathroom floor and shower (it is all tiles).  I have two questions.  1) To ensure that my shower did not leak, I did not clean off the extra grout from the tiled floor.  It has now settled like cement - how can I remove the access?  On the bathroom floor, there are a few places that the sanded grout did not take.  I have re-grouted those places, but still some places refuse to take.  What can I do?

- shirley

Shirley i have been there on this one. At one time one of my finishers let the grout dry. Don't panic. Hopefully you have not applied it to thick but i normally take a sandpaper as the sanded grout is porous and sands down without scratching your tile. Do not use a sander but just the paper in your hand and lightly wear it down to where you need it to be. A wet sponge is always the best way to wipe the grout from your floor during the install.

Hope this helps you out

Craig Stevens
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