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Hi. I just wanted to thank you for your responses and explain what happeded in the end with our stuck canopy. There was a flat metal round piece (with a greeen wire) on the ceiling, and it had three 'lips'. The canopy was put on this, and screwed in. The middle rod and ball was indeed only being held up by the canopy. I couldn't turn the canopy enough to get it by the lips, but I also didn't figure out I was supposed to. Someone else pried it down. I guess this was an older model.
Thanks again, and I rate you high because of your attention to this matter.

Ahhh. So it was probably retroed into an old existing fan box. "Rigged" as it were. Hopefully there was little damage caused by prying it down. Thank you. I like helping people out with their homes.
Please feel free to contact me for any reason.

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