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I'm set to mount my TV to the wall, I have a 40" TV that weighs in at 8kg, and a full-motion bracket that weighs in at 13kg (I was surprised by this). I will be mounting the TV to a single brick wall using plastic wall plugs (4 of them).

The thing I'm concerned about is that it is not an outside wall, it is simply the wall between my bedroom and the living room, and its the same wall my door is on. The house has some foundation problems and as a result has quite a few cracks in the walls (but not where i'm mounting the TV).

Is there any chance that the combined weight (21Kg) could cause the wall to collapse? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I honestly am a little worried.


Concrete Block
Concrete Block  

Please give me a bit more information:
Where are you located?
How thick is the wall?
Is it actually brick, or rather concrete block (see photos)
How old is the wall?
Is the wall well connected at/to the ceiling and floor?

Once I know more I will try to help.

Thanks, Steve

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