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Tom, I got on the roof the other day to get a limb off and stopped to look at the condition of my morter type chimney caps.  From the ground I can see on my two large brick chimineys in Houston, Tx that they always had a piece of flat grating to keep birds and animals out, there I however no exposed clay chiminey tile jutting up several inches and for sure no thing that looks like a rain cover.  I however have lived here for 20 years and the house was built by the homebuilder/contractor for himself (very well built), and it was 15 years old when I bought it.  I have gone through several tropical storms here and have never had any water come down into the firebox interior portion.  Where does it go?  Is this a certain type of design that catches the water above that I can see? I know it can't be a dampner design because you should be able to use your fireplace in the rain. It was not mentioned in my professional home inspection as something that needed repair when I bought the home.  I know they didn't just forget it while they lived here the 1st 15 years because the grating was up there. I am unemployed and for now do not want to spend on two types of rain covers if I don't need to... any thoughts or advice?

I can not know how your chimney is built without looking at it.

In most cases there is a ledge at the level of the damper that acts as a catch for rain that comes down the chimney. Mortar itself is porous so water would be absorbed and not necessarily run out.

Google "masonry chimney section" for some images.

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