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Hi Glen,

I answered your questions from your prior response, but not sure if you received? You had asked me how old my house was (1985), how far the swamp is from my house (300 ft), where my deck was in respects to my garage, deck is directly  behind garage but there is a den in between garage and deck. I think it's messed up drain tiles, but I am speculating based on details. If this is the case, how do they diagnose?  A camera? Who is the best to call for this? A concrete company?  

Thank You,

Nina Hughes Likins

Hi Nina- Yes, sounds like a drainage issue. Call a sewer scope company to get a camera scope of the drain lines. Hopefully it is pipe and not tiles. The drainage will have to be in working order before any repairs to the driveway, etc. Would you like to talk on the phone about this?

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