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I have a two piece picture window (a fixed inner and a removable outer )the outer window is held to the frame by stormdoor style clanps. My problem is that after I remove the clamps , I still can"t remove the outer window. Any ideas? I'm not terrible handy but it seemed like a simple task at first. I want to wash the both windows.


You are correct in that removing the window should be a simple task.

If the clamps are removed and the storm window is stuck in place I can only guess that it has accumulated dirt around the edges or someone may have painted it into place.

My first suggestions is to use a sparkling (drywall mud) knife to tap in around the edges to loosen the "seal" that ma have formed.
Since it is a picture window and you cannot push it out from the inside, you can try using packing tape to stick to the top of the window, maybe at a corner, and using this tape as a handle to pull from. The tape would be formed to shape a 'T' with the top as the sticky side to the glass.

Good luck and be safe. If this storm window is large you may need a second person to stabilize it while you operate to loosen it.

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