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QUESTION: Are scuff marks to be expected on stained and sealed concrete floors?

ANSWER: Just like all other flooring heal marks, tire marks etc. may need to be cleaned off.  You can use floor wax to bring back the shine.  In addition marks will come off easier if they are on wax not the coating.

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QUESTION: Perhaps I was not completely clear about the marks. The marks do not appear to be surface marks, but rather abrasions in the sealer. Scrubbing the marks does not remove them. Should serious waxing be considered prior to permitting foot traffic?

You in effect have a plastic finish, quartz sand grains, steel, and similar hard surfaces can abrade your surface.  Wax usually won't help avoid those type of marks, but can hide them a little with shine.  A rubber mat or carpet can help avoid high ware areas.  Good Luck.

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