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We have new construction in north Alabama.  We left the "room" over the garage unfinished.  There is a plywood floor and nothing else, just planned to use for storage.  Now my husband would like to insulate the entire area over the garage, but we are unsure which way to face the paper side of the bats.  Right now it is all unheated space over unheated space, but there is a slight possibility we may finish the room at a later date and that portion will become heated.  We've bought faced bats…which way does the craft paper face?  Everything I'm reading says to face the paper to the heated space, so I'm assuming though neither is heated now we need to face the paper up in the space where the room might later be finished, but how about the attic space above the garage that will not be included in the finished room.
hanks for any advice you can offer,

Everything you have read is correct - you want the craft paper to face the heated space. In this case you would install the craft paper on the side of the room ABOVE the garage. Be sure to buy a product that is at least R-19. It will be clearly labeled on the package.

Good luck with your home improvement!

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