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I live in a second floor flat that is old and has a loft.

There is a communal cold water storage tank in my loft, receives cold water from the mains, and provides cold water for bath/shower and toilet, for my flat and flats immediately underneath.

This tank is old and needs to be replaced.

My flat and those underneath have a combination boiler that receive cold water directly from the mains.

I live in London, United Kingdom, and there are no water shortages to justify having a tank.
Also the water pressure of the mains water is high and this also does not justify having a tank.

I would like to propose to my neighbours to stop using the tank, and for the bath/shower and toilet to receive water directly from the mains.

I appreciate your opinion on removing the tank?

Many thanks

Removing the tank shouldn't pose any technical difficulties, so provided you can get consent from all of your neighbours it is definitely possible.

The problem with living in a block of flats is the complex nature of the ownership. Generally people do not oen flats, they have a very long term lease, but the building and the land are owned by somebody else. The loft is above your flat, but you may not own it, so it may require the permission of the building owner before you can go up there and make any changes.

Your neighbours may be happy to upgrade their water systems, but do you know if they own the flats (or own the lease), or if they are tenants. If they are renting, then you will need to speak to the landlord. This may involve going through a letting agent, who could be reluctant to pass on the owner details.

If you are doing this so you can use the loft space, then first you should check whether you have the right to use it. If you just want to change your water supply, then consult a plumber. They should be able to do that without impacting on your neighbours.  

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